I became interested in science writing because I want to cover many different areas of science, not because I have one particular interest. In my previous co-ops, I have written about ongoing activities at Vertex Pharmaceuticals and covered oceanographic research for Oceanus Magazine. However, it’s become increasingly clear to me that though I have gained plenty of science writing experience throughout my time in college so far, one thing that is missing from my development as a science journalist is a specialty. This semester, and this blog, serves as an opportunity for me to test out a niche within the larger world of science writing. It may not become my permanent specialty, but it should certainly be something I care about.


Primarily, I want to strengthen my science blogging skills by writing about new developments in science in a way that is both engaging and embodies the “disciplined informality” discussed in our last lecture. However, I also want to enjoy the experience of blogging. I’ve chosen beaches for my beat because it allows for a happy medium between these two goals: it gives me the freedom to not only cover science news related to the beach (sea level rise, oceanography, etc.) but also to talk about one of my personal passions. For example, I think discussing the 50 (!) beaches I visited between January and August 2016 might make a great post. Within the larger scope of this semester – in addition to this class, I’ll be studying organic chemistry, learning about the history of embryonic stem cells, and developing techniques for communication on climate change – I’m looking forward to testing my science blogging chops while writing about something I love.


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