The Boston University campus, and the surrounding neighborhoods of Brookline and Allston, are home to a variety of delicious eateries. Limoo Tea Bar – one of my personal favorites – provides a unique blend of shawarma, kebabs, and of course, bubble tea. They also have a prolific drink menu, including popular “boozy” teas and a respectable beer and wine list. Earlier this year, Limoo started an experiment in serving weekend brunch, a project that tapered off over the summer but has picked up again this fall.

The brunch menu includes a choice few enticing options, including a lamb burger, beef and egg dumplings, and a breakfast pizza. During the restaurant’s promotional event this weekend, I enjoyed a free bubble tea (!) and a breakfast burger, and also had a chance to snap a few pictures of the establishment. Like all of the students I talked to, I’ll definitely be back soon.