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About Me

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I am a fifth-year journalism and biology student at Northeastern University, and am an aspiring science journalist. My interest in science writing began in my environmental biology class at Montessori High School, where I wrote a short story about genetic counseling. When my teacher, Valerie Katz, mentioned that there was a career path which would allow me to combine my two passions, everything clicked.

Since coming to Northeastern, I have written for a number of on-campus publications, most notably NU SCI, Northeastern’s student-run science magazine, where I am currently the editor-in-chief. I am also a columnist for The Huntington News and a freelance contributor to Northeastern’s College of Science. I have done co-ops in Communications at Vertex Pharmaceuticals and at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), where I contributed to Oceanus Magazine. I am interested in writing about all aspects of science, but take particular delight in learning and writing about the ocean.

When I’m not writing, I enjoy reading, dancing and re-watching episodes of my favorite sitcoms on Netflix. I started this blog as a project for my Digital Storytelling and Social Media course, but hope to continue the trend of writing about things I love well beyond the end of the semester.

Contact information: My email is schanker.g@husky.neu.edu. Or find me on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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